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June 11, 2014 - VT Mapping Forum
Bill Morris
mapper at Faraday Inc
Maps for what?
Crisis management
Environmental conservation
Civic planning and outreach
Some options for how to do this include . . .
The hacky, free, and (mostly) open-source way . . .
Browser Capabilities
HTML5 Geolocation
IP Location
(Accuracy varies like a wandering coyote)
User-Selected Location
Alert | code ahead
We'll be using:
Github Pages [Free]
Google Drive [Free]
Bootstrap [Free, Open-Source]
Leaflet [Free, Open-Source]
CartoDB [Free, Open-Source]
1.) Create a Google Form
2.) Fork this github repository
3.) Copy some code: find the IDs for the questions in the source code of your google form
Things you'll need from that source (ctrl-f to find them):
form action
for each question and location field
4.) Confirm the survey responses are making it to the map
5.) The hard part: get the word out to the people whose opinions you want
Get in touch:
P.S. My apologies for all of the embedded content. These links will probably age quickly and be inaccessible.
P.P.S. However the project shown here will be accessible in this github repository for as long as github is around