A Primer for Mapbox Studio

October 15, 2014

made for the VCGI webinar series by Bill Morris

Follow along here --> tinyurl.com/vcgi-mapbox

What's on deck?


more tiles

Raster tiles

pixels by mapschool.io

Vector tiles?

Bill's vector tiles

A vector tile is text, not image

Mapbox studio is the world's biggest pile of vector tiles, all ready for you to map with

Sign up here Using this promo code: MAPBOXFRIEND1

Download and install Mapbox Studio if you haven't yet

Fire it up!

A lot going on there, but let's focus on the guts

CartoCSS is cool and simple

line-color: blue;

(It can definitely get complicated, but so can life)

Let's look at a few styles:





We didn't really have time to get to sources, but that's where your own data comes into play.

Thanks! Happy mapping! Get in touch at bill@faraday.io